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We are at all times limited with information,We all agree you cant get to know everything happening at every point of time.This a good example when I wrote this can you tell when and where.This is the case with employment in every part of the world.When you cant learn every place when a vacancy is you are left with coincidence that you drop your CV when a vacancy is available.This how then Guruscope came into being.Employer can view your qualification anytime they need it.VISIT WWW.GURUSCOPE.WORLD.

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World over Multilevel marketing (MLM), also called Network marketing has become a successful concept that empowers ordinary people to turn into successful entrepreneurs. This concept is about distributing products directly from the manufacturers to the end consumers, thereby doing away with the traditional channel of distributors, wholesalers and retailers, so that the consumers get the entire benefit of direct selling. The multilevel marketing industry as a whole has grown over the years and the reasons for this among many others is that there are more people looking either to supplement or replace their incomes. There are also more opportunity seekers in any recessionary period due to the uncertainty of their present financial situation. This study aimed to find out the benefits and challenges of Multilevel marketing as practiced by Golden Neo-life Diamite International (GNLD) distributors in Nairobi, Kenya. A descriptive survey research design was used in this study. The population of interest was all the practicing distributors of GNLD products based in Nairobi, Kenya. A convenient sample size of 200 distributors was used in the study. Primary data was collected using a semi structured questionnaire which was administered through personal interviews by research assistants. A total of 189 questionnaires out of 201 were filled and returned, representing a response rate of 94.5%. The data was analyzed using measures of central tendency, mainly frequencies, mean scores and standard deviations and the results presented in tables and graphs. GNLD is a classic example of how the MLM concept works in Kenya. Besides being a source of income for those involved, the study revealed that other benefits of MLM amongst GNLD distributors included the low barriers to entry into the business and its flexibility, the fact that MLM has no age or education restrictions as compared to traditional jobs. Ranking high was also the fact that MLM acts as a social support network for those involved. It helps people to grow and develop not only their business skills but also personal life skills. Under challenges, the study revealed that MLM appealing to people's greed and promise of making quick money was a major obstacle in conducting the business. Only a small minority of people take their time to fully understand the business concept to be able to work it out well, many others drop out before long thereby propagating the negative perceptions about MLM. This challenge is closely linked to the concern that some MLMs may use deception and overzealous product claims to recruit individuals, further aggravating the negative publicity that surrounds the subject of MLM.


MLM Scams – Stay Away

Unfortunately, MLM scams exist (aka MLM Pyramid Schemes).  There are tons of mlms that don’t’ fall into this category, but there are some very good looking ones that are in scamorama territory.  Pyramid schemes can destroy your reputation and cost you a ton of money.

So how do you avoid MLM scams?

You have to make sure that you do your research.  Look for companies with strong histories, good reputations (look at product and distributor reviews) and have been around. You can also check out their compensation plans.  MLM compensation plans are often the things that cause the fall of the scammer mlm companies.  The general rule is that you can’t make more money from building a downline than the product itself.  The emphasis should be on selling the product.

Just be care that you stay away from mlm scams. Pyramid schemes are just a dirty little part of the MLM industry.   If you do your homework and due diligence, you should be able to avoid these mlm scams.

MLM Companies – Controlling Your Finances

This is probably the best advice I have seen out there. Hire an accountant if you choose to build based on a MLM plan.

You’ll be buying digital products, hiring writers and purchasing product…..among other things. Hiring an accountant can help you make sure that you keep your records straight and know how to control your taxes.   If you are bringing in enough, you will likely have to start creating more frequent reports (quarterly vs. yearly tax statements).

MLM Companies Are Hand ON

Bringing people into your MLM business is going to be a necessary part of your MLM company opportunity.

You can’t just have them join and hope they find their way.

The most successful network marketers out there are committed to training their downline members and you should not be any different. Training new members will ultimately help you and them.

Multi-Level marketing can be very enjoyable, however, you have to remember that Rome was not built in a day. Hopefully these MLM tips will help you to your success.

Personally, I left two MLM companies because I didn’t like the recruiting part, didn’t get much support from my upline and just got sick of the whole MLM setup.

I found something way better and something that I am able to make money with every day.

It’s better than MLM in my opinion.

Click here for my #1 MLM Alternative.

MLM Reviews – Navigating This Site

Writing mlm reviews can be a daunting task.  I work everyday on this blog to make it as resourceful as possible and yet it seems that I still can’t keep up with the barrage of mlm companies that continue to stream in.

Mlm Reviews take time and if you are determined to make an all inclusive and informative site for readers (like me), it can be exhausting!

But, that doesn’t matter.

The goal of this mlm review site is to give you a one stop shopping mlm review website to sit back, relax and browse around.

Doing so requires a thorough look at the actual mlm company, the compensation plan, the products and so much more.

As this site continues to build out, the navigation will come to light and in a way develop on it’s own.

Until that time, Please know that the easiest way to navigate the site is to use the search feature on the right side bar.

In addition, here are some main categories that I am building out for this site.  These are no way fully inclusive of what mlm reviews you can find on this site, however, it is a start if you’re in a browsing mood:

Types of Mlms


Millionaire Mentoring

You will see several articles on that page and if you check at the bottom of each article, there are links under: “Filed Under”.   Each one of these should help you meander through and discover all that this mlm review site has to offer!

Happy Browsing!

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Maybe that university you are in is not ranked.

I don't find it wise but ranking has always been there all through and for long.I decided to pen down university ranking in Kenya

university town

1University of NairobiNairobi ...

2Kenyatta UniversityNairobi ...

3Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and TechnologyNairobi ...

4Strathmore UniversityNairobi

5United States International University AfricaNairobi

6Mount Kenya UniversityThika ...

7Egerton UniversityNjoro ...

8Moi UniversityEldoret ...

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9Technical University of Kenya

10Catholic University of Eastern AfricaNairobi ...

11Africa Nazarene UniversityNairobi ...

12Kenya Methodist UniversityMeru ...

13Maseno UniversityMaseno ...

14Daystar UniversityNairobi15

KCA UniversityNairobi ..


Dedan Kimathi University of TechnologyNyeri ..

.17Kisii UniversityKisii

18St. Paul's UniversityLimuru ...19

South Eastern Kenya UniversityKitui

20Pwani UniversityKilifi

21Technical University of MombasaMombasa

22University of Eastern Africa, BaratonEldoret ...

23Masinde Muliro University of Science and TechnologyKakamega ...

24Kabarak UniversityNakuru ...

25Karatina UniversityKaratina

26Kibabii UniversityBungoma

27Meru University of Science and TechnologyMeru

28University of EldoretEldoret ...

29University of Embu Embu

30Multimedia University of Kenya Nairobi

31Chuka UniversityChuka

32Murang'a University of TechnologyMurang'a

33Africa International UniversityNairobi

34Zetech UniversityNairobi

35Maasai Mara UniversityNarok

36Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and TechnologyBondo

37The Co-operative University of KenyaNairobi ...

38Riara UniversityNairobi

39Machakos UniversityMachakos

40Pan Africa Christian UniversityNairobi

41Management University of AfricaNairobi

42University of KabiangaKericho

43Adventist University of AfricaNairobi

44Great Lakes University of KisumuKisumu ...

45Scott Christian UniversityMachakos

46Kirinyaga UniversityKerugoya

47Taita Taveta UniversityVoi

48Laikipia UniversityNyahururu

49Amref International UniversityNairobi

50Kiriri Women's University of Science and TechnologyNairobi

51Umma UniversityKajiado ...

52Rongo UniversityRongo

53The Presbyterian University of East AfricaKikuyu

54Gretsa UniversityThika

55Garissa UniversityGarissa

56Pioneer International UniversityNairobi

57The East African UniversityNairobi

58International Leadership University, KenyaNairobi

59KAG East UniversityNairobi

60Lukenya UniversityKambu ..

.61Kenya Highlands Evangelical UniversityKericho

62RAF International University

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