About us


We are are a staffing organisation,unlike others our platform concentrates in maximizing value to job seeker with aim of zero under-utilization.

This means depending on what you can do.This era cant treat job seeking same us begging

Employment platform/loans

We have an almost free site called for  employers-applicant platform. We are on a mission of escalating your dream.We shall give a loan of $550,

We use a paypal account,you can withdraw that to your Mpesa account


Guru means an expert scope means view of certain extent.This a site any twelve more that continues and will always to connect you to potential employers.You can also market service

our commitment

We have more than 2000 employers who use our platform for service and recruitment purpose


To be the leading to be the leading online staffing platform.


Of course we have technical team that developed this platform,human resource managers and an advisory and profession advisory among st other team leaders for internal management