online staffing platforms

We dream and we have achieved an online staffing platform

Trends change everyday and employment has done so too,Some people wonder why they don't get employment after schooling for more than sixteen years in that en devour.Job hunting techniques have changed.

Irene not her real name,got to university.She was from rural place where she had attended primary and secondary before joining undergraduate studies in the city.She was ambitious and she worked hard to see her university end well.She graduated with first class honors,As always the case while she was in the university all many opportunities had opened up.Her performance was good and she had aimed to reach the top in a company.That was a dream she could achieve till she had to go back to her village waiting to graduate which she did,and later went home.

She had to cope with house chores and wait for a day she could be able to have an opportunity.Time move so fast and without realizing waiting for that day she could hear an opportunity.She tried to figure out about what so called "connections". Nothing seemed to be working.All past efforts were going to drain and dream fading to a point of losing hope.

she was facing this demoralization, and villagers and dropouts saying they are better off,since they didn't never wasted money in schools like her,She could no longer withstand this and she decided to go back to the city,join her former university friends hoping this would offer her a second chance of hope.Nothing seemed to work.

Game change

she tried jobs like house helps only to land on hands of bad employers.She hated herself,she thought god didn't put all ingredients when baking her.She prayed,and much she did doors seemed to tighten harder to an extent of turning walls.

Some day,while visiting her past phone number records and so a number of someone who could give her hope.They agreed to meet in town for a coffee and catch up.

She explained to her all her experiences.Her friend had answer Guruscope.

She explained to her how it works and give her their web like and in fact is almost free and charges less than ksh300 just to keeper jokers and scammers off.

They agreed to drop her CV ON the form to have her get noticed by employers

After a week Irene had attended two interviews and her application was still available online for potential employers of her field of specialization view.


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