Job/career hunting tips

Job hunting tips are important mostly when it comes to getting the very value of your expertise.This is what it means,working in an organisation that pays the real value of your output or what you can do.

Not so many employers who could wish to hear this but is true. You shouldn't be paid the same as you got paid the first day you worked,you have gained more experience and you have learnt new things which are relevant to the field.

Below are tips of how to get yourself in a place where your input matches output/pay

1: Don't close your ear:

This is too traditional but it still works today,first if you have not got to a status quo situation,this means you have not yet felt too fine or ego centrist,then you need to give an ear to what you may find relevant.Listen many people as possible and a better idea may come on the way.People will always talk of new companies,better jobs and this way get you off from a bad boss.

2:Keep applying

You think of not trying but you never know.Drop your CV again and again.This has worked for many.This may get you to the next career.Jack ma says Never give up

3:Keeps the right birds close to you and fly together .

You have to keep right company.This works miracle.From my own experience,Ok all of us socialize,but this is a million dollar statement that you should pay me for.I dont mean you keep off other people but just find some place where many professionals

hung out.Keep that company for good sake. You may need help,they are the only people who understand what you go through and may be you share same vision.

4:Keep tracking new opportunity

Many people don't even know online job site around.Just like business people you sell expertise and is wise to check new trends in the market.Nobody shall inform you about new market prices till you get to the point of sale.After all who can tell you are interested till you present yourself.


Just drop your experience and academic qualification on guruscope website.Employers contact you if they find you fit. You cant imagine just called for an interview.Employers want the best and not just applicants

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