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University students only have to face the music after graduation,they are students who now owe government money and faced by a community that is over expecting from them.Some don't even go back home.

At the time I thought of writing this I was living with a fresh graduate who hard a well baked business plan and a project which if ideal turned reality he would be the next CEO.I think the best way to face reality is to start from where you left,or just start if you have never. In this case graduates are people who have been in school.They have theories of economics but have not yet faced reality of practice in the field.Philosophers talk of empiricism principle,this a reality.

We live in a society that is working too slow to accept mostly when you don't have cash.

We have then decided to solve this,Guruscope understands this gap and then comes up with a real-time application for everyone.

This is a solution which links them to the society.They are all eligible to a loan after filling a form.They also have a online based recruitment platform which enables employers book anybody whom they feel is fit.I think by so doing,We shall have coped with this reality more easily than ever.

I take this opportunity to invite everyone guruscope website to learn more


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