The new job and loan website-Guruscope.

After conducting a research,many people cant afford a loan more than ksh 5000 . The word loan means something for the rich.

Guruscope jobs

Guruscope is a staffing and unsecured loan agency that aims in improving livelihood of many . They have introduced a new feature called Guruscope loans.The aim is to give loans of maximum $550 to job seekers.This means you must be an expert in certain field. By an expert means you have a field of specialization such wiring,doctor,lawyer,plumber etc yet you don't have a job.They allow you to write a CV online though a form which you pay Ksh 200,through paypal account,

They only consult you about loan when you either get to a job or when they consider you fit to get a loan far through the CV you provide.

The advantage is they will have to give you a job so that they give you the loan.Again,Every employer in Kenya can access your application anywhere anytime which means,you are not limited in getting a job.

This also gives employed people an advantage of seeking a better job.Which means you can work 15 hours a day and get a job.

you are not limited by time or transport in climbing your career ladder but rather your CV.

IS THIS what we have been dreaming for??(Loans and jobs)

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